How Do God Speak To Us?

Godsvoice“‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:13:14

Many non-believers wonder why Christians always say “God told me…,” or “God spoke to me…” How does it happen? Do Christians really hear God’s voice and have close conversations? God has His own way of speaking to us:

He speaks through our heart. But how will we know if it’s really His voice or only our instincts? A Christian goes through a long process of knowing God. When you accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and spend lots of time to know God more, you will get a “signal” to contact Him, guaranteed always available, anytime of the day! And how do we get to know Him? By reading Bible regularly and absorbing his Word by heart, then you’ll find out how God moves. The Holy Spirit will generously come down for you to open your heart’s eyes to see God’s purpose for you. Holy Spirit will let your heart’s ears open for God’s voice.

Through people around us. We may not be aware but God gave us people who will bring us closer to Him. It could be your church pastors, church mates, colleagues, and friends. Consider them our today’s living prophets. They exist because God let them be part of you and YOU be part of them (and not someone to fool around with!) It is for us to be inspired, to be blessed, and to be a blessing.

Through problems. By being familiar with God’s voice, we won’t be clueless on what’s our life is gonna take. Remember that not at all times our roads in life are straight, but we will still to experience bumpy roads that will shape our character. If you can’t hear His voice maybe your heart is jam-packed with self-seeking judgments. Take time to pray, intimately, and repent when you’ve sinned.

Don’t rely on your instincts, consult God. Always pray in whatever, whichever situation it might be. And when we have finally got His answer, the most important thing to do is, do as we are told by God. Remember that obedience leads to success. It may not always what as we expected but every circumstances that take event in our lives has a reason. Don’t be afraid to hold the steering-wheel because it is not you who drives the car, it is God.

Fascinating isn’t? There are innumerable languages around the world, yet God speaks to us in extraordinary ways.