Days like this, I just got to let it out.

sadmanIn quiet times, it is quite inevitable for me not to dredge up the melancholy brought by the past. It gives me the feeling of burying my face to my hands and never face up ’til the day come to its end. As much as I wanted to admit that I am not strong… as much as I wanted to fight the sadness, I still can’t avoid the nature of a man that sometimes fall into knees for inescapable downright days.

Although there are many parts of my life I cannot understand, only 1 thing I am sure of — God is always by my side. Never leaves even for a millisecond. I believe my sadness will pass. I have a God who works a good story for me. I may not succeed with my plans, I may not always get what I want, people may start jeering at me, but I will surely finish the race in life through Him. I will never regret trusting Him.  My Lord always helps me to understand my conditions.

Some people say, these are the days that “the Lord is in silence.” I disagree, these are the days that the Lord is calling us.  He is working, but we are engrossed by the loud and irresponsible thoughts we run in our minds that leaves no space for His voice… He is working, so obvious, but we only look in so many different directions that we miss what He set up for us in front.

I will ALWAYS trust you Lord. Let my heart’s ear be always open for your voice.

A very good prayer from Diamond in the Dust:

Lord Jesus, I have nothing to fear, knowing that You are in control. There is no accident, injury, or circumstance that can happen beyond Your sovereign will. I recognize that the Devil cannot touch my life, that he cannot even tempt me without gaining Your permission. Help me to realize just how GREAT and POWERFUL You really are!

Bible Verse:
“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1John 4:4

…This should be my first two priority in life: to trust and obey God…