Our Time Will Come

I may lose a thousand of chances. I may repeat history for decades. I may stumble to and fro. I may receive alarming calls of pain. I may lose an hour to breathe. But I know the One will protect me. Will surely provide me endless hope. Will surely halt the olden times. Will surely carry me after tripping. Will surely replace the air I have missed. Will surely not let evil touch my life. We may miss the obvious. We may get old of waiting. We may be left out. We may not see a storm approaching. Our body may be weak. But we should be spiritually strong. We should. Should. Zillion times SHOULD. For we will indisputably be an overcomer, just like Christ. Just like the way he led the world. Just like he dearly and unselfishly loved the calloused world. It’s a matter of sacrificial. Then we get the prize, richer than gold.